This wholesale site offers you a wide range of jewellery styles and gemstones.

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Bespoke designs are created using CAD technology, with a 3D blueprint producing a fabricated finished product for your valued client.

A wide range of calibrated and freeform cut gemstones, in the full spectrum of the rainbow, are sourced internationally from reputable gemcutters.

Tanzanite remains a very popular choice, however, Morganite has been gaining popularity.

The collection includes large bespoke designer pieces,  contact us on demand.



Diamond and Tanzanite jewellery remains the top choice with our clients, while gems like morganite, aquamarine, London blue topaz, Swiss blue topaz, garnet, rhodalite, amethyst, peridot, citrine, tourmaline, emerald, ruby and sapphire continue to dazzle the jewellery industry. Our extensive range of styling can be ordered in combination with most stones. 
Raphael Jewellery is the niche supplier of gemstones in all the colours of the rainbow, everything you need to suit your clients' requirements. 


While browsing our catalogues please add your chosen designs to 'MY QUOTE ' and send it to us to receive a comprehensive quotation. 

We offer this selection in a wide variety of gemstones, we do not always have the one you need in stock.  For availability or manufacture lead time, please contact us per email or via the contact form.